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Multi-focal Handheld USB Endoscope

Model No.T168816
Multi-focal Handheld USB Endoscope
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  • Your Extended Eye & Hands
  • Look inside walls without tearing them apart Check out somewhere behind refrigerator Find your lost things from narrow gap.......
  • Allows for easy visual inspections in hard to reach areas. lightweight, handhold design for easily find, diagnose and solve problems with the 1M flexible cable & useful accessories.
  • Found & help solving danger problems such as clogged vents, mice tunnels and a buried electrical box in your lovely house!
  • Especially for electricians, general contractors or even serious home DIY-ers. It's the Best way to scout hostile territory before the inevitable invasion!
  • Application: Car repairs and testing; Pipeline inspection; Industry quality detection ( integrated circuit IC, the SMT craft, PCB circuit examination and service), Medical Analysis and treatment ( the skin, hair,eye, ear canal, The eardrum, eye Iris, Deantial)
  • Multi-focal for 700 times Magnification
  • Handheld USB Endoscope, Flexible Cable
  • Snapshot Button, with a gradual magnification circle from 0 to 700X
  • Adjustable LED Lighting Wheel Carry Case contens
  • Waterproof camera head,the outer diameter is 12MM
  • Zoom: long focal-short focal-500X ~700X
  • Resolution:640*480, 30 ftps.
  • With adjusatble led lighting

Technical Specifications

  • PE Covered cable with ABS handler Flexible cable Neck: 75cm long
  • Camera head outer dlameter: 12mm
  • Image Resolution: 640*480 pixels
  • Focal distance: 6cm - infinite
  • Flexible cable Neck with handler: 97cm long
  • Flexible cable neck diameter: 6.8mm
  • USB Cable: 150cm / USB 2.0 interface
  • Lens: F#:2.8 view of angle: 54 degree


  • USB Endoscope
  • CD Disk
74.56 x 1 = 74.56
Your payment details are fully protected and encrypted by 256-Bit SSL Security. Your privacy and security is guaranteed.

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