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IP Camera with 300K CMOS Sensor

Model No.T125203
IP Camera with 300K CMOS Sensor
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As a latest high-performance network camera, IP cameras allow homeowners and businesses to view their camera(s) through any internet connection available with ease.

Our model No.T125203 is such a good surveillance product. This IP camera comes with a single 300K COMS sensor and picks up images with high-resolution.

Adopting Motion-JPEG compression technology, it can transmit high-quality (VGA 640x480 or SIF 320x240) real-time video images in the LAN/WAN on a maximum 30 frames per second.

Supporting DDNS, it is extremely suitable for the environments like ADSL and other ones where the IP changes constantly.

Its LCD loop displays the IP address, network mask and gateway with 12 numbers automatically. It also supports manually set.

When there is mini illumination, the IR is on and facilitates digital video recording and transmitting. And there is also built-in pan and can tilt to catch clearer and fluider images.

Based on standard protocol RTP/IP, UDP/IP, TCP/IP, SMTP/HTTP/FTP, DNS and DHCP client, DDNS, it has built-in web server and supports IE browser. You can easily make remote configuration, start and firmware upgrading through the network.

And you are able to view up to 16 cameras on one screen to achieve full surveillance.

Please go to its speciation to fetch the detailed information you need. We are sure you must like this easy-to-set and control  security device at wholesale price from Chinazrh.

Technical Specifications

  • Video Input: Single high quality CMOS Sensor (300,000 pixels)
  • Min. Illumination: 0Lux (IR ON)
  • Compression: Motion-JPEG
  • PS: 30 frame per second (640x480) maximum
  • Resolution: VGA (640x480) SIF (320x240) QSIF (160x120) Optional
  • Typical Bandwidth:
  • [email protected]: 300 kilobits ~ 480 kilobits
  • [email protected] fps: 640 kilobits ~ 960 kilobits
  • [email protected]: 900 kilobits ~ 1.44 Megabits
  • [email protected]: 1.92 Megabits ~ 2.88 Megabits
  • [email protected]: 9.6 Megabits ~ 14.4 Megabits
  • [email protected]: 3.2 Megabits ~ 4.8 Megabits
  • Digital Input: 2-way Open/Close Input
  • Relay Output: 1-way Relay Output (36V AC/DC, 2A)
  • Connection 5: Pins
  • Interface: Ethernet 10/100Base-T RJ-45
  • client: DDNS
  • Supply: 5V
  • Consumption: 5W Maximum
  • Cell: ABS plastic
  • Size: 10.5L*9.3W*13Hmm
  • Temperature: 0 degree Celsius~45 degree Celsius
  • System Setup: Web Page
  • Upgrade: Firm ware upgrade by web
  • CUP: 32bit [email protected] frequency
  • SDRAM: 16MByte
  • FLASH: 4MByte
91.83 x 1 = 91.83
Your payment details are fully protected and encrypted by 256-Bit SSL Security. Your privacy and security is guaranteed.

Customers Reviews

  • Reviewed By: Larry Winkler
  • Added Date: Tuesday 10 November, 2009
  • Rating:
  • Very good service, fast shipping- EXCELLENT!!! Next time I will buy only in!
  • Reviewed By: Tom Gutridge
  • Added Date: Sunday 08 November, 2009
  • Rating:
  • Great service and outstanding products (especially for the bargain price!), delivery was very fast - much faster than expected!
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