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Alpha Centauri - All Metal Red LED Watch

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Alpha Centauri - All Metal Red LED Watch
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Introducing Alpha Centauri, an all metal red LED watch from the future which manifests infinite coolness by rewriting the rules of how temporal data (time) should be displayed. By watching the heartbeat of the universe on the ECG style display you can see the current time in mesmerizing fashion.

So how does this watch tell you the time? Here is how; tap the button on the bottom of the timepiece and watch the ECG light up. There are 124 red LED lights on the watch face. The upper peak LED lights display the hour. The lower peak (trough) LED lights display minutes. How's that for intuitiveness! That kind of "thinking man's" way of telling time is perfect for your average pro blogger, cardiologist, surgeon, physicist, hacker, Trekkie, uber geek, gadget freak, or anybody who is a somebody.

We know what you must be thinking, "don't these watches usually sell for close to $200?" You are right. However, with this exclusive factory direct model you are getting the same Japanese LED Watch at only a fraction of the normal retail price. And with that savings you can afford to buy our whole exclusive LED Watch collection, or better yet, list these headturning watches on eBay or your own online store to lock in some amazing profits. Click "add to cart" now to grab some while they are still available, because once they become $500 collectors items in the future you will be kicking yourself for missing this easy opportunity!

At a Glance...

  • Stylish and Cool!
  • Unique Heart Of The Universe ECG time function
  • Upper hearbeat (R wave) LED lights for hour display
  • Lower heartbeat (S wave) LED lights for minutes display
  • Normally sells for around USD200!
  • Cool factor: 10+

Product Notes

This watch is weatherproof for use outdoors in rain or snow but not waterproof (do not submerse in water)

Technical Specifications

  • Main Function: Japanese-inspired red LED digital watch
  • Screen: 124 red LED lights for hour and minute time display
  • Watch Face: Rectangular 33 mm x 57 mm
  • Bracelet:
    - Material: Brushed steel color all-metal strap
    - Length: ~ 170 mm
    - # of Segments: 20
    - Segment length: ~ 8 mm
  • Clasp: Two button safety design
  • Settings: Time, Date, Luminosity Mode
  • Power: CR2032 (x2) lithium polymer pre-installed


  • Red LED Watch
  • User Manual - English
34.36 x 1 = 34.36
Your payment details are fully protected and encrypted by 256-Bit SSL Security. Your privacy and security is guaranteed.

Customers Reviews

  • Reviewed By: Judy Ciona
  • Added Date: Friday 17 December, 2010
  • Rating:
  • chinazrh is one of my favorite merchants. Over the years I've never encountered any problems.
  • Reviewed By: Joan Manfredi
  • Added Date: Wednesday 15 December, 2010
  • Rating:bg images
  • This is my first time ordering online. The process was very easy.
  • Reviewed By: Damain Pedro
  • Added Date: Friday 03 December, 2010
  • Rating:
  • I love that I got free shipping and no tax on the order.
  • Reviewed By: Kathleen Laird
  • Added Date: Thursday 02 December, 2010
  • Rating:
  • Easy to order, salesman was very helpful,great doing business with these people, Thanks james
  • Reviewed By: Cindy Meckel
  • Added Date: Friday 26 November, 2010
  • Rating:
  • Great service all the way around. Sales Dept. was fantastic.
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