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32 Zone Wireless Burglar Alarm System with Remote Control

Model No.T120720
32 Zone Wireless Burglar Alarm System with Remote Control
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  • DIY, Wireless installation,Easy-to-oprated.International famous chipset 2262 coding, advanced beaverboard, automatization producing pipelining, so the control panel is so stable with strong compatible function. It is integrated with home, business store, public plaza security and so on intelligent home function. Widely used for signal home, residential area,school,factory, electric power Dept. Oil Dept,railway Dept. City planning Dept. Police
  • Protection different zone: 32 zones with 32 different zones indicated on panel.
  • Each zone can be put more sensors.
  • Partial disarmed optional by remote control. One keypad easy to
  • partial disarmed some sensors that programmed in the second zone.
  • Auto-dial up 6 phone numbers and recycle to repeat unless confirmed.
  • Store voice recorded message (10 second), it can be recovered.
  • When received alarm message, it speaks as you spoken.
  • NI-MH rechargeable battery to back up power: >24 hours. Auto-switch if AC power is off.
  • Telephone manages the alarm system, convenience.
  • Phone trunks protected to avoid any designing destroy.
  • LED on the panel to display protection zone.
  • PIR detector is preset for the second zone which can be disarmed solely
  • Audible /mute siren optional.
  • Quick program by the panel keyboard.
  • When received alarm call, you can press the keypad on the phone to
  • disarm/arm/monitoring/start on/off siren
  • Panel keyboard password protected and incoming calling password protected.
  • Alarm time can be customized.
  • Siren sounds time/ Alarm triggered time/armed alarm times to be programmed to be delayed.
  • All panels can connect with the alarm receipt managing centre

Technical Specifications

  • Wireless frequency: two option: 433MHz or 315MHz
  • An adaptor: option: Input electricity from 110 ACV ~240 AC, customized. Adaptor
  • choosing: two round pins, two flat pins, three pins customized
  • Wireless receiving distance in open place: >200m, indoor: 30~50m, (depend on the surrounding environment and wireless interference)
  • Standby current: < 20mA
  • Alarm volume: internal :95dB, external siren: 110~120 dB
  • One control panel with one internal siren: working voltage:+9 DCV,200mA.
  • two wireless remote controllers: four button: disarm/arm/panic/PIR detector
  • One wireless magnetic door sensor: 12 DCV
  • One wireless infrared detector: 10m*120° horizontal+60°vertical


  • One PIR detector
  • Two remote controls
  • One door sensor
  • Power supply
  • User Manual
52.28 x 1 = 52.28
Your payment details are fully protected and encrypted by 256-Bit SSL Security. Your privacy and security is guaranteed.

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