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Mtini Global Real Time 4 Bands GSM/GPRS/GPS Tracker

Are you worried about that your car or vehicle was stole by thief? Are you worried about the safety of your child, old, disabled and pet? For these safety considered you can choose a GPS tracker. The mini global real time 4 band GSM/GPRS/GPS GPS Tracker from www.chinazrh.com is the ultimate safety device for you.
It’s a small and compact device that you can carry it to anyplace what you want. The 4 bands tracker supports 4-frequency: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ. With convenient SMS ability, SOS and full-range alarm functions and latest GPS tracking technology, it’s the all-purpose tracker for everyone or everything needing to track. What exactly it is? It is the functional mini global real time 4 bands GSM/GPRS/GPS GPS Tracker. You can track everyone when they’re not in a safe place or you couldn’t find them like your little kid, old people. What’s more, it has SOS button which can send “help me” and location of the tracker to the authorized numbers. And also this product use GSM network SIM card and set function by SMS. The rechargeable battery can support your daily use, durable in use. The standby time reaches 100-150 hours! Don’t be doubt about the wonderful power of this GSM/GPRS/GPS GPS Tracker, because once you got one you will know exactly the roles it plays for your normal life.
If you want to know more detailed information please checks the product specifications as below. Right, it is the GPS tracker that helps you to protect what you wan to make sure its security. Real time four frequency GSM/AGPS universal tracking device AGPS/GPRS track, location SMS including longitude, latitude and address information, also have maps site URL, Vibration sensor alarm, voice sensor alarm, many Alarm modes can be chosen, SOS function, Headphone talk, GSM bug function, Remote network signal/battery/alarm status check, Low battery remind, can set alarm interval, and Frequency refers to 850/900/1800/1900MHZ, these are about this mini global real time 4 band GSM/GPRS/GPS GPS Tracker. You will like it here www.chinazrh.com .
If you are looking for such device for a long time, then here the best buy of great GPS tracker you can get. Fast shipping to anywhere all over the world, no matter where you are now, if you put one into your cart right now, we will send it immediately as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is what we are working for and all staffs here are waiting for your visit. Welcome!

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