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Anyone who has the fancy with Google shopping business will pay much attention its new motion and news about such powerful site. When was the last time Google did something dazzling? You know something about SEO; you know the funny story about white house ranking the top one by what word? Need to know more? Welcome to visit some experts from www.chinazrh.com . Not just about the China wholesale electronics selling, more about the background story to share with you. Firstly, let us turn back to its original history.
For a company that turns 14 this summer, Google has a history thick with moments when it surprised the web — many outlined on the company’s site, starting in 2000, when its search engine became the world’s largest. Adwords and Adsense were also innovations that, while less visible to consumers, had a significant impact. Through the years, Google unveiled or acquired other features that the set a high standard for innovation on the web: Google News, Earth, Voice, Books, Translate as well as Blogger and YouTube – even features like Ngram Viewer and self-driving cars that had no real potential for new ad revenue but that invited you to waste hours exploring the data they organized. For the first beginning, it is just a broad for sharing the information with all people over the whole world, then with the fast development of technology, this company enlarge its business to the dealing about wholesale electronics, and been the best base for China wholesale Company, building a good relationship or cooperation between the foreign countries.
But since Ngram, which appeared in late 2010 and allowed users to visualise the rise and fall of concepts, Google hasn’t really unveiled a product that’s wowed the world and gotten people talking. Over the past year or so, it’s introduced products that replicate what other companies have innovated. Google+ may try to improve on Facebook, but it mostly copies it. Google Play, announced last week, seems like a knockoff of Apple’s (AAPL) iTunes. And that’s been the case with many of the features Google has been rolling out for a while. Google Offers looks like a viable competitor to Groupon (GRPN) and LivingSocial, but that’s just it: it’s a competitor to an established leader. Google tried to buy Groupon, which would have made Google the leader in the daily-deals market, but the company said no. So now Google is just one of many players in a crowded market. In other areas, Google is launching new features that echo what other companies are doing. With Google Wallet, Google had an early lead in the market for mobile payments using near-field communication. But Wallet was available to a small number of people, and companies like Intuit (INTU), Apple and Visa (V) are working on rival offerings.
From above new report and news about the Google, you will see that it is searching more dealers to offer good function and new design products for adding more attractions for all customers globally, not just limit within the American market, so it has regulated some authoritative company from China, among what www.chinazrh.com as the most experienced wholesale electronics site are lucky to join.
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