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The ideal 10.1 inch touch screen Android tablet for consumers

Frankly speaking, there are many advantage of 10.1 inch touch screen Android tablet, the android operate system is popular operate system. However, it does not have the wide approval of windows system. But now with the success of tablet, we know that tablet is a meaningful product and it can change many aspects of our life.

10.1 Touch Screen Tablet PC with Android 2.1 + WIFI

With the success of IPAD tablet, the digital products market quickly being flooded by the tablet PC. Now different tablets are full of all industries. According to the unique design, different tablets play incomparable role in different area. Mentioned tablet, we cannot help but think the IPAD IOS and Samsung Android and upcoming Windows8. Especially the Android tablet PC, the total amount hold most of tablet. Let us listen to the analysis of professional personage of tablet market.

“Would be better development of tablet market in 2012? Why” asked the reporter. “I think the development of the tablet market has reached a high level from 2011. From now on, it will be better development. At present, the IT market is consisting of DIY market, notebook market, and digital products market. However, the features of tablet contain the three markets. There are many functions of tablet such as multi-core processor, GPS function, and it mixes together the MP4, MP5, camera, game, e-book and so many digital products function. In many aspects, it is better than the ever. Therefore, the three markets impact by the tablet and the tablet keep good upward trend. Now the MP4, MP5 and similar products become more and more constrictive.” a CMO of a technology company replied.

“What is the most suitable size for people in now and future market? Which you prefer to?” said the reporter. “Now the main size is 6-11 inch. Different consumer has different choice for size. So far from the sale figures, the best seller is 7 inch product. From my personal idea, I think below 10 inch is ok. And we know the android smart phone have tablet functions, just due to the limit of screen size. When people watch videos, read books or other applications, they feel a little hard. If the screen is too large, it is not portable for people. So for comprehensive consider I think the 10 inch below is more reasonable.” Also you can refer to the website www.chinazrh.com to know more information.

Finally, Mr. Nian reminds the consumer, we buy the products the most important thing is to use not the external things. Android operate system tablet provide numerous software and other services which will bring more convenient for people. So he suggests the consumer buy the suitable tablet. The 10.1 inch touch screen Android tablet is an ideal choice.

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