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An amazing & multifunctional pocket projector

Do you store large amount of favorite videos in you cell phone? Do you need a convenient way to enjoying the videos and pictures? Do you want to share them to your friends or other work arrangement? Have you got such an ideal gadget? And now you need a device named pocket projector which gives you an all-new experience.

Mini Projector for iPhone 4, 4S and 3GS

Every time, when I want to share some pictures or videos to my friends I always feel my phone screen is so tiny and the volume is so weak. It’s difficult for me to enjoying the awesome videos and audios. Have you ever had the same experience as me? And now I needn’t to worry about this question anymore. Because there is an effective device, it can solve my question – pocket projector.


One day, I share my traveling videos to my friends and as usual we’re sitting around together. One of friend suddenly shout out loudly then stands up and run into the living room, she looks like finding something. We are curious what does she do? How important thing? And finally, she take out a black device, it seems like a cell phone charger which can be placed in pocket. I ask her what that is. She doesn’t tell us, just let us see. She puts the device in the sofa and connects to my mobile phone. Then she turns off the lights, turns on the device and towards it to the wall. We really don’t what does her purpose? Finally, she lets us stare at the wall and says ok. After a while, something shows in the wall. More and more clear, it’s the video of my cell phone. Wow, cool. We shout out.


And then my friends tell us, it has more usages. It can be used in commercial area which is easy to carry. “Now many people have smart phone with output function. So I don’t need to carry the heavy notebook. It’s very convenient for me when I show something to my client in the outdoor. Now it becomes best helper in my life. I think, not only friends party, hike or picnic or camping, in the canteens and cars you can fully enjoy it” She says like that.


Now, it is a good partner for me too. In my office I fit out a projector. We can directly connect to our mobile phone, computers and more. The pictures and video can be project on any visible places. Sometime several colleagues get together and share something of each others. It’s really a joyful thing.


It’s an ideal device for meetings, presentations or personal usage. With high performance projector we can enjoy the video on outdoor camping or travel and more places. That’s really a desirable choice in for people, because of the portable feature. You want to try, please click the website www.chinazrh.com. It must be giving you an unforgettable experience.

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