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Touch Sensitive Light Switch with Remote Control

Model No.T114597
Touch Sensitive Light Switch with Remote Control
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Turn your light switch on and off with a cool touch with this touch sensitive switch! Also able to be operated by remote!

Today is an era of technology that simplifies our daily life with top gadgets. Every home is equipped with 3D stunning screens, electrical roller shutters, wireless phones and so on. But do you already have touch sensitive light switches with remote control? If not, well, let us announce this crystal glass panel is expected to furnish all moderns apartments and houses in a near future. Normal switches are old-fashioned and going to be progressively removed, so don't miss this change and lead it!

Below are listed several interesting features of this touch sensitive light switch:

Beautiful outlook: Since switches are necessary, it is a good point when their design is modern, cool and attractive. This light switch, with its dark crystal glass panel, silver circle and blue beam, will please you and fit in any room/environment.

Touch sensitive: Press smoothly the panel to turn on/off a lamp and blue light shows up on mode ON. A convenient way to notice and replace a defective bulb without worrying in which position the switch is!

Remote controlled: No need to move anymore to switch on/off the light! Use the remote control to operate the lighting from your sofa while watching TV or bed when it is time to get up/sleep.

Control up to 4 switches: Indeed each remote control has 4 buttons so you can pair it with lamps in different places! If your family has many members, everyone will get their remote control. Moreover, thanks to its small size, the remote control can be carried with your keychain.

At a Glance...

  • Touch sensitive switch
  • Remote controlled (up 5 meters)
  • Work with all lamps
  • Pretty design

Technical Specifications

  • Color: black with silver circle
  • Material: crystal glass panel
  • Maximum load: 2000W
  • Electrical current: 5A
  • Operating voltage: AC110-250V/50-60Hz
  • Single gang outlet
  • Remote control range: 5 meters
  • Connectors/ports: 240, +/-, power, IN/OUT
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 85mm x 36mm

Product Notes

  • Installation is the same as for normal light switches so there is no need for negative line.
  • Usable with all types of lights including incandescent, fluorescent lamps, tubes, energy savers, motion sensor lamps and so on.
  • Usable worldwide - there is no restriction about countries where this product works.


  • crystal glass panel
  • remote control
  • screws
  • English user manual
49.48 x 1 = 49.48
Your payment details are fully protected and encrypted by 256-Bit SSL Security. Your privacy and security is guaranteed.

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