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Top Grade Extra Slim AL Metal Case Vehicle GPS Tracker

Model No.T115722
Top Grade Extra Slim AL Metal Case Vehicle GPS Tracker
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  • This product is with GPS module and GSM module, It has many new and unique functions, the basic function is: real time uploading current location to server, display history tracking on website, listen & monitor sound around the tracker, break geo-fence (in or out area) alarm, over speed alarm, power down alarm etc. Also it has email & SMS sending alarm function, move alarm & shock alarm, SMS locating with internet link map or text description location or Longitude & latitude , and the other function are also very especial, such as small & thin metal case for easy installation, external GPS & GSM antenna for better signal, built in shock sensor to control power saving, built in rechargeable Li-battery life is 1-2 days (standby mode), emergency SOS help, etc. Some function can be used without platform (SMS located, over speed alarm, move alarm, shock alarm etc.)


  • Top grade extra slim AL metal case for easy hidden
  • Real time upload current location to website
  • Life time no platform Service charge (Our free tracking platform)
  • Built in U-Blox GSM (4 Band) & GPS module
  • External GSM & GPS antenna make the signal better
  • U-Blox GPS module has A-GPS function
  • Device can be located by SMS or calling without server
  • Report location by SMS with Google map link without server
  • Report location by SMS with text description without server
  • 4 level user role for dealer / distributor / fleet management / Single user
  • Alarm can be send by SMS & Email
  • SMS report can be disable to save charge
  • Email sending and receiving address can be set by user
  • Built in rechargeable Li battery for backup & power down alarm
  • Built in memory to record track without GSM network
  • Upload interval is 30 seconds according the setting of tracker
  • Stop uploading after the tracker stop moving 2 minutes or ACC turn off
  • Uploading tracking is controlled by shock sensor or ACC
  • History tracking can be saved on server over 1 year.
  • Visit website can track the car or display the history tracking
  • Platform use free Google map, it is not necessary to pay map charge
  • It is not necessary to download any software
  • If the object enters place(Indoor) without GPS report the last position tracked
  • Upload IP address can be set by SMS
  • APN name can be set by SMS
  • Device serial ID can be check by SMS
  • Can Freeze car running on the platform (Remote turn off engine)
  • Hearing voice in the car.
  • Can preset 2 phone number by SMS
  • Can send SOS or alarm information to preset phone
  • SOS &r alarm information can also send to platform
  • Move alarm and shock alarm can replace car alarm function
  • Send alert of over range to the preset phone when it go out the restricted area
  • Send alert of over speed to the preset phone when it exceeds the restricted speed
  • Protocol & software can be changed to work with other AVL device and platform
  • Suit for tracking car, bus, truck, taxi, rent cars, school bus, transportation vehicle, outside workers, children, pets, moving equipment etc.

Technical Specifications

  • GSM Module: U-Blox
  • GSM Frequency: 4 band (850/900/1800/1900MHz)
  • GPS channel: 32 channels
  • GPS Cold Start Time: 30 seconds
  • GSM Antenna: External
  • Battery (CCTR-811): 400mAh
  • Standby Current: < 10 mA
  • Absolute Temperature: -35 0C to +70 0C
  • GPS Module: U-Blox
  • A-GPS: Available
  • Locate precision: 10-20 Meters
  • GPS Hot Start Time: 1-2 second
  • GPS Antenna: External
  • Uploading Current: <200mA / 5V
  • Working Temperature: -20 0C to +55 0C
  • Storage Temperature: -40 0C to +80 0C
  • Main Dimension: 82mm*60mm*13mm
  • Main weight: 80g
  • Package: Color box
  • Package Dimension: 160mm*130mm*60mm
  • Package Weight: 0.35kg


  • GSM control unit
  • Wiring
  • GSM Antenna
  • GPS Antenna
  • Microphone, 
  • Manual (CD or Print)
85.09 x 1 = 85.09
Your payment details are fully protected and encrypted by 256-Bit SSL Security. Your privacy and security is guaranteed.

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