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Multi-Anion Oxygen Machine + Key Operation

Model No.T123802
Multi-Anion Oxygen Machine + Key Operation
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This is a multi-anion oxygen machine (Selling Point: negative ion, automatic, mute, dual air pump type) which is used to purify the air around you. It absorbs virus, bacteria and then produce changes in the structure or energy transfer and finally cause them to death.

Also, the personal and health product features dust sterilization which reduces hazards of passive smoking effectively.

Besides, it is equipped with direct current low-noise centrifugal fan and high-quality ceramic tubes not easy to crack. And it also comes with epoxy resin vacuum packaging high-pressure modules, resistant to moisture and earthquake, maintenance-free.

In addition, the oxygen dedicated pump and standard 3C certified power line ensure long life and good stability. And with two different colors out of the trachea, it is easy to distinguish and more healthy.

This powerful machine adopts humanized design with soft lines and leading fashion. With three aeration stone to meet different needs or alternate, it shows more human caring.

Occupying a small space makes it be flat on the wall; With microcomputer control and time digital display, it is convenient to operate;

Of course, it has other excellent features like Original ABS engineering plastic (high hardness, bright and clean and good).

To sum up, you and your family's health deserves your every effort, and this well-functioned machine deserves you admiration.

Technical Specifications

Power: ac220V/50HZ

Power consumption: 18W

Output Oxygen volume: >= 400mg / h

Anion output volume (from the test port 15CM Office): 4 million / cm3

Oxygen adjustable working time: 5-30 minutes / time

Anion Working Hours: Long

Product Dimensions: 28*21*8 cm

45.69 x 1 = 45.69
Your payment details are fully protected and encrypted by 256-Bit SSL Security. Your privacy and security is guaranteed.

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