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Luxurious Packaging Healthy Electronic Cigarette

Model No.T103302-2GEN
Luxurious Packaging Healthy Electronic Cigarette
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  • This Electronic Cigarette with the same color and style of the real Cigarillos.
  • Most importantly, this E-cigarette can anti smoking aid with realistic flavor and nicotine cartridges that provide the gradually reduced nicotine levels necessary to help kick the cigarette habit.
  • For easing withdraw symptoms, this set comes with 5 cartridges that go from high to no nicotine, as well as being long lasting (with approx. the amount of smoking 20 cigarettes) and are carcinogenic and tar free.
  • The electronic cigarette package is easy to use, small, and most of all an inexpensive way of quitting the smoking habit (compared to less effective nicotine gums or patches). This is an excellent health gadget and makes a great gift for yourself or the one you care about.
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  • To order refill cartridges, see Model No. T103306 (E-Cigarette Refill Cartridges - 20 pcs).
  • Note: In certain countries this may be considered a medical product by Customs. Before purchasing this item, please check your local laws and import restrictions for this type of device.

Technical Specifications

  • Product Description: Electronic Cigarette in Cigarillos style
    E-Cigarette Components:
    - Stainless Steel Shell
    - Micro-computer control Circuit
    - Atomization Chamber/Cartridge
    Atomized Cartridge: High purity liquid Nicotine (based on WHO recommended nicotine replacement therapy)
    Cartridge Duration: 300 smoke mouthfuls (Approx 20 cigarettes)
    5 Cartridges included:
    - 2*High - 100% nicotine content of normal cigarette
    - 1*Medium - 80% nicotine content of normal cigarette
    - 1*Low - 50% nicotine content of normal cigarette
    - 1*None - No nicotine, but real flavor
    LED Light Tip to simulate cigarette glowing tip
    - Tip will blink repeatedly if smoke inhaled 16 times or more in a minute
    Non-carcinogenic, no tar or other harmful ingredients
    Power Source: Rechargeable built in Lithium Battery
    Dimensions: 100 (L)*8.5 (Diameter) mm


  • Extra Battery Component
  • Power Charger
  • Charger Line
  • 5*Cartridges
  • User Manual - English

Customers Reviews

  • Reviewed By: Robin Hayes
  • Added Date: Tuesday 07 December, 2010
  • Rating:
  • very easy to use! works like a normal cig, dosent make me want a real cig. i can feel not so guilty when i smoke around my daughter. i know she is not breathing in second hand smoke.
  • Reviewed By: Bill White
  • Added Date: Sunday 21 November, 2010
  • Rating:
  • nobody can complain about it, i can use it anywhere, have already recommended it to my friends
  • Reviewed By: Samuel Simon
  • Added Date: Monday 06 April, 2009
  • Rating:
  • Reviewed By: FRED RIZZO
  • Added Date: Friday 03 April, 2009
  • Rating:
  • I like it!I wiil buy it!
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