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IP Camera with 300K CMOS Sensor + POE

Model No.T125204
IP Camera with 300K CMOS Sensor + POE
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This is a better-performance surveillance device suitable for different needs.

For family, it can be used to keep a close eye on your property and look after children or elderly people. For commercial use, it can be set in the office, warehouse, shop etc. to observe the movement of people and goods situation.

This IP camera is equipped with a single high-quality CMOS sensor (300,000 pixel) which can pick up high-resolution images like 640x480 VGA, 320x240 SIF and 160x120 QSIF(optional).

With the advanced motion-JPEG compression technology, this powerful IP camera will transmits real-time video images in the LAN/WAN on a maximum 30 frames/second.

Coming with night-vision function, it can achieve 8-10 meter's surveillance. And there is built-in pan and tilt (pan: 180 degree and tilt 120 degree) to capture full images.

This IP camera supports DDNS and POE (Power over Ethemet) with Ethernet 10/100Base-T RJ-45 interface for maximum convenience.

To sum up, this high-performance security device features not only the powerful user management but also its good reliability and compatibility. It only needs you a few minutes to connect it with broadband network and then be informed of the real situation by remote control.

It is really worth your admiration.

Technical Specifications

  • IP Camera (UP-010P)
  • Video Input: Single high quality CMOS Sensor (30, 0000 pixels)
  • Compression: Motion-JPEG
  • FPS: 30 frame per second (640x480) maximum
  • Resolution: VGA (640x480) SIF (320x240) QSIF (160x120) Optional
  • Typical Bandwidth:
  • [email protected] : 300 kilobits ~ 480 kilobits
  • [email protected] : 640 kilobits ~ 960 kilobits
  • [email protected] : 900 kilobits ~ 1.44 Megabits
  • [email protected] : 1.92 Megabits ~ 2.88 Megabits
  • [email protected] : 9.6 Megabits ~ 14.4 Megabits
  • [email protected] : 3.2 Megabits ~ 4.8 Megabits
  • Digital Input: 2-way Open/Close Input
  • Relay Output: 1-way Relay Output (36V AC/DC, 2A)
  • Connection: 5Pins
  • Interface: Ethernet 10/100Base-T RJ-45
  • Protocol: RTP/IP, UDP/IP, TCP/IP, SMTP/HTTP/FTP, DNS and DHCP  client,DDNS
  • Supply: POE (Power Over Ethernet) or DC5V
  • Consumption: 5W Maximum
  • Cell: ABS plastic
  • Temperature: 0  degree Celsius ~45 degree Celsius
  • System Setup: Web Page
  • Upgrade: Firmware upgrade by web
  • CUP: 32bit [email protected] frequency
  • SDRAM: 16MByte
  • FLASH: 4MByte
120.28 x 1 = 120.28
Your payment details are fully protected and encrypted by 256-Bit SSL Security. Your privacy and security is guaranteed.

Customers Reviews

  • Reviewed By: Steve Richter
  • Added Date: Tuesday 10 November, 2009
  • Rating:bg images
  • Thank you, very good eshop. Received item as it was described.
  • Reviewed By: Tom Gutridge
  • Added Date: Sunday 08 November, 2009
  • Rating:bg images
  • Once again you come through as promised. The order got here on time and in perfect condition. Once again, Thank you and I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future.
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