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Heroes Cigar Pipe - Stylish Electronic Pipe in Deluxe Package (Super E-Pipe)

Model No.T115907
Heroes Cigar Pipe - Stylish Electronic Pipe in Deluxe Package (Super E-Pipe)
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Heroes Cigar Pipe - Stylish Electronic Pipe in Deluxe Package (Super E-Pipe) makes a great gift for yourself, your friends, or the man that has everything.

Do you want to look distinguished and handsome when you are smoking one of these Electronic Cigarette?

Definitely. This Super Heroes Cigar Pipe would also help if you smoke with a Scottish accent and changed your first name to Sean.

The Heroes Cigar Pipe is the perfect product to buy yourself if your girlfriend, wife, daughter, or grand-daughter is always complaining that your pipe smoking is stinking up the house.

It is also the perfect product to buy for your boyfriend, husband, father, or grandfather who is always stinking up the house with his pipe smoking.

Besides the Heroes Cigar Pipe is a healthy alternative. Yes, nicotine. No, tar.

Buy the Heroes Cigar Pipe and bring it to work. Puff away while you're compiling TPS reports. No will be mad at you because this e-pipe doesn't produce second hand smoke!

Buy the Heroes Cigar Pipe as a birthday or Christmas gift for people who you never know what to get, like the doorman, the handyman, even your building superintendent - Chalmers.

This Heroes Cigar Pipe - Stylish Electronic Pipe in Deluxe Package is the perfect gift to buy any distinguished English gentlemen buddies you have. It's also a great present for any famous sleuths or detectives you may know.

Even if you have no intention of smoking it or giving it, consider buying the Heroes Cigar Pipe and selling it. Google "Electronic Pipe" and see how much these things sell for. Compare that to our price. You can turn a nice profit by undercutting the competition on your Ebay store. As always such affordable and innovative products are brought to you by the leader in wholesale from China electronics - Chinazrh.


  • No ignition and not a fire hazard
  • Safe - no dangerous second hand smoke
  • Healthy alternative
  • Smoke at work!
  • Secret Santa
  • Resell it and profit!



Technical Specifications

  • E-Pipe Components:
  • - Stainless Steel Shell
  • - Micro-computer Control Circuit
  • - Atomization Chamber/ Cartridge
  • Atomized Cartridge: High Purity Liquid Nicotine
  • LED Light Tip to simulate glowing pipe bowl
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Battery capacity: 950mAh
  • Full battery can keep: 1200 mouthfuls
  • Working voltage: 3.3-4.2V
  • Charge time: 3.5 hours
  • Battery life: 300times
  • Dimensions: 156 (L) x 60 (H) mm
  • Weight for single E-pipe: 115g
  • CE, ROHS, SGS, ISO9000 certificates


  • User Manual - English
  • 2*Mouthpiece
  • 2*Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
  • 3*Cartridges
  • AC Charger (100-240V 50/60hz)

Customers Reviews

  • Reviewed By: Martin Jackson
  • Added Date: Wednesday 12 August, 2009
  • Rating:
  • The Heroes Cigar Pipe is easy to use. quick delivery!
  • Reviewed By: Chung Kao
  • Added Date: Sunday 09 August, 2009
  • Rating:
  • Great selection, great prices,great quality.You will like the Heroes Cigar Pipe.
  • Reviewed By: Debbie Azevedo
  • Added Date: Friday 07 August, 2009
  • Rating:
  • site easy to navigate; good description of product.I can't help to have a try of the Heroes Cigar Pipe,too.
  • Reviewed By: Claude Lindhout
  • Added Date: Thursday 06 August, 2009
  • Rating:
  • The Heroes Cigar Pipe - Stylish Electronic Pipe in Deluxe Package is not only looks good, but also easy to use.
  • Reviewed By: David Malouin
  • Added Date: Sunday 02 August, 2009
  • Rating:
  • Nice quick and easy shopping. Nice Heroes Cigar Pipe!
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