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Customers Reviews

  • Reviewed By: Elmo Elledge
  • Added Date: Monday 27 September, 2010
  • Rating:
  • This phone is amazing, the screen quality is perfect (watch mp4 with perfect quality), easy to use, responsive touchscreen. Wifi is better than other Chinese phones I had in the past.
  • Reviewed By: Dorsey Breedan
  • Added Date: Friday 01 January, 2010
  • Rating:
  • I owe this phone for 2 weeks. Got this phone on day 4 from the order day, all the way from China to NY by UPS!!!!! Thanks, chinazrh! Definitely will buy again!
  • Reviewed By: Zelda Nordman
  • Added Date: Monday 24 August, 2009
  • Rating:
  • over all this is a nice phone for all this phone can do the price is not bad. Some of the pros for this phone is how smooth this phone goes from one opt to the next there was no lag, flickering or glitching when loading pages. Another pro is the keyboard I have fat fingers and some time the touch dont do it for me.(look like chinazrh had guy\'s like me in mind.) So when ever i need to surf the net or send a quick text its no problem. the last big pro is the wifi i put this phone up agents the i pod touch ( do to the wifi factor) and not only did this phone hold its on but on most pages loaded faster. THE CONS. one of the biggest problems i had with this phone ( this was due to service NOT chinazrh) was trying to find the correct settings for the mms and internet here in the usa. Another con was the sound of the music when played through the loud speaker. it was kinda distorted and hard to under stand but through the head phone jack it sounded great. With that being said would i recommend this phone to some one else Yes even with the cons. keep up the good work chinazrh
  • Reviewed By: Amos Petrov
  • Added Date: Friday 15 May, 2009
  • Rating:
  • I have recently bought this phone from and all on this phone work perfect!Good image resolution,great internet connection,speed and use and more other usefull things on this phone.

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