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How to make an order

How to order online - 4 easy steps

To shop with Chinazrh is very simple and you can order your product in just 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Register and sign in

Step 2: Add products to your shopping cart

Step 3: Confirm the Order, choose shipping method and payment way

Step 4: Pay and your order has been processed

The following will show you how to finish your order step by step.

Step 1: Register and sign in

To order products from our website, you have to register online with us with your login name and Address. Registration is Free and it will help you while placing the orders like autofill the Billing Address or shipping Address.

You have two ways to finish this task.

a. Use the fast way to register. Just go to the Login page and you will see the below image.

b. Click Join now and you will enter the following exact

If you are a new customer, please fill the information required by New Customer showed on the right. And if you have already registered with our website, you can just log in by entering your email and password on left.

Step 2: Add products to your shopping cart

 Once you select the product, please just click "Add to Cart" button and you will see the image below.

Input the quantity you need to purchase and it will show you the total price automatically.

If you want to buy other products, click the Continue shopping button. If not, just click the Checkout button.

Of course, Before checking out, you must want to you see what you have in your cart by clicking "Go to Basket" button and  make changes if needed such as changing the quantity or deleting what you have added.

 ** You can also view the items you have placed in your shopping cart at any time by clicking the "Shopping Cart" icon located at the top right of any page.

 Step 3: Confirm related information, choose shipping method and payment method

a. Confirm the product information you order again and make necessary changes.

b. Choose the suitable shipping method

c. Select  the payment method

 Your order is not submitted until you click "Confirm Order" button.

 Step 4: Pay and your order has been processed

After you pay for what you order, you will get the order number.


1. After you complete your order you will get an email receipt from Chinazrh.com.

2. We will begin processing your order once we received your payment.

3. When the goods have been dispatched, you will get a tracking number. So you can track it online.

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