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Advantage of Drop Shipping

Drop shipping can occur when a retailer (who typically sells in small quantities to the general public) receives a single large order for a product. Rather than route the shipment through the retail store, the retailer will arrange for the products to be shipped directly to the buyer.

Having products drop shipped by manufacturers, a retailer allows middlemen to concentrate on sales and advertising functions, rather than stocking inventory that is already being stored by manufacturers. All of the costs of warehousing and the personnel needed to pick, pack and ship products are eliminated. Orders can be sent by fax or email direct to the drop shipping supply source. Small firms can compete and advertise a tremendous number of products on Internet mails, if the product supply source will drop ship.

Benefits for you

  • You purchase products at wholesale pricing and set your own retail prices.
  • You will not be charged by us for paying drop shipping fee.
  • Worldwide delivery.
  • Incredible profit margins.
  • 100 % technical customer support.
  • Tested and popular products.
  • Delivery from stock in 12 business hours after payment received.
  • You collect the money even before chinazrh ship the product.
  • No sales tax applied.
  • Real time online ordering.
  • Free drop ship account setup.
  • Quick payment by PayPal, Western Union or Bank Transfer.
  • Factory warranty.
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