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The reasons of prosperity of 7 inch Android Tablet market

Due to the development of science and technology, people’s life has great changes. In recently years, arrives of information age speed up the progress of technology. Now the tablet market becomes most popular in information market area. As the unique design, perfect appearance and speedy network, it is more convenience for sending and receiving information. In tablet market, 7 inch Android tablet  plays an important role.

7 inch Google Android 4.0 A10 Cortex A8 1.2GHz Tablet PC

As everyone knows the Android system is widely usage in kinds of tablet PC brands. And now Google is getting ready to enter the tablet market and devote to the developing of Google tablet PC. A source says that Google will introduce high quality Google tablet for market in future 6 months. Whatever, the Android system is still the advanced system of the world. Some people say the past year is the tablet year. In this year, so many companies joined the tablet fight. Most excellent O.S must be Android O.S. Why does the tablet, especially the Android tablet is so hot in global?


First of all, Google comes up with better quality Android operating system; and the Android O.S is open-ended to the manufactures for free. Meanwhile, people get into a global Smart era. It’s not a mystery of tablet PC, and finally the Apple has competitor. Secondly, the intervention of wirelesses makes the mobile life in everywhere. And in this circumstance, the tablets come true and become new substitute of mobile life. The mobile and entertained performances are more functional than notebook and desktop. So it’s more popular for most of people. At last, the Android’s hot phenomenon can’t function without ipad. It’s hard to imagine, without ipad, is the tablet market hot or not? With Apple fatigue, people began to choose other tablet. Android tablets become best choice of people. If you want to know more detailed information, please refer to the website: www.chinazrh.com.

The development of information technology market, people have more choices to choose what they like. The tablet market becomes a developed and mature market step by step. The fast-growing tablet PC market faces great challenges and opportunities. It is no doubt that the Google Androids catch better time and technology to be a stronger in today’s market. Hope to keep this uptrend.

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New Electronics Products, PROMOTIONS

Why does the Touch Screen Mobile Phones So Popular in Global Market?

With the rapidly popularity of touch screen mobile phones booming, we cannot help asking why so many people choose touch screen cell phone? What hot selling points catch people’s eyes? As far as a touch screen mobile phone user, I consider that the fashionable appearances, enhanced features, practical and convenient operations are all fashionable guys pursuit.

In the cell phone area, there are two major categories of touch screen cell phone: one is capacitive touch screen cell phone; the other is resistive touch screen cell phone. At present, the capacitive touch screen cell phone is more popular in cell phone market. And as we all know, nothing is more popular than iphone4S in capacitive touch screen cell phone market.


As the cell phone industry experts predict, the amount of touch screen mobile phone will nearly achieve an half of global mobile phones total amount in 2012 or 2013. At this time, we are inclined to ask why so many people choose touch screen? For myself, I’ve been used the touch screen cell phone almost 2 year. Not different with the traditional cell phone keypad, the touch screen hasn’t the protruding keypads; you can touch the screen without striking a blowing. If you’re worried about that you will miss your keypads. I’ll tell you the screen keypad brings you truly touch; you’ll be used to the touch screen rapidly. And the touch screen mobile phones offer the up-to-date intuitive way to control you mobile phone’s menus. Touch screen technology works with either your finger or stylus; it’s more convenient than the traditional keypads. More detailed information please refers to our website: www.chinazrh.com.


As you see, the width and height of touch screen cellular phone is bigger than traditional cellular phone. Because the touch screen hasn’t the keypads, more space we will get for typing. And then in appearance, we can see the gorgeous cellular phone is more fashionable. It’s suitable for young man and the fashion followers. From the functional perspectives, we can insert text or access information or every function carried out by tapping finger or stylus against the touch screen. Practical and convenience operating are most people pursuit. Just using one figure, people can operate the interface. Touch the screen, almost all different fingers is customized to accommodate the width of human digit. That’s really easy to operate for most of us. All of aspects will let us enjoy the touch screen cellular phone.


In advanced technology and prosperous cell phone market, people can enjoy the new experience of high-tech. As we’ve seen in the past, we even couldn’t know what’s going on of the world. But we admit that the cell phone, especially touch screen mobile phone is more popularized in cell phone market even in our life.

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In Dash Car DVD Player for German Friends

Dear German friends, right now, right here is your choice to stop in the trustful station www.chinazrh.com to get the best in dash car DVD player for your pleasant driving life.
Double Din Car DVD Player with 7 Inch Touch screen +Detachable Front Panel
Following is the story between Chinese online store www.chinazrh.com about dealing with the in dash car DVD player, armrest car DVD or other car DVD player devices and the loyal German friends who like the transaction there.
According to the recent global news, Angela Merkel has just been to Beijing, in a year when China is about to displace France as Germany’s largest trading partner. When that happens, it will be a symbolic moment. It will also encourage those currently posing the following question: should Germany detach itself from the euro zone mess and become a Bric – a mid-sized global economic power, like Brazil, Russia, India and China, whose initials constitute the Bric acronym? You know what the news means to the worldwide economy and the whole global structure? German, as one of the biggest developed country in European circle has gained an unchangeable position in its future development, especially in recent years, you will see the cooperation between China and German, depending on its high technology of auto industry, German businessmen have found out the advantages in Chinese market and bring the advanced technology and machines to develop their career. Also Chinese people take use of the labors and rich resources there to gain more profits and contribute a lot about manufacturing industry from the global view. If German becomes one member of Bric, you will see more profits between you and you. With the flourish of shopping online, German people prefer more Chinese stores during the past time. Cheap price and fast shipping has brought more convenience into their life. Here are some tips from German friends if you want to get an in dash car DVD player there, here you need to read carefully.
Lots of German customers like to connect their PDP to their standard television, if you are one member of those guys, make sure you select the car DVD device with audio and video outputs. You don’t need to worry about it, because almost every car DVD player unit here has this feature. If it is possible you had better examine the player’s video and audio formats. Some can display the media formats, such as DIVX 5, AVI, MPEG4, DAT, VOB, MPEG 1/2, 3GP, MP3, WMA, and JPG, but not all of them can. Take care to study the specifications for the player before purchasing. If you have a need for a certain format or some images, make sure you check out the right one. If it is hard for you to make it clear, you can ask directly to relevant professionals. More functions such as GPS navigation system, remote control technology or Bluetooth function, all you need, you can get.
Except your understanding of the product itself, you come to a company, then buy one without knowing the basic information about there, which is not a wise choice. Basically, you need to know the history of the company, its working principle, and service spirits or after sale service situation. Where can you find there? The website, from the reviews of the customers, you will see much of them and something about the product’s quality.
Above are just some general advices, if you really want to know more, the best way is you can buy one and try it out. You know the reason that “Experience is the best teacher”. Go and buy an in dash car DVD player from www.chinazrh.com after you think about it.
All your needs we are sure to satisfy you. There are many kinds of car DVDs for your choices, such as 1 din car DVD player, 2 din car DVD player, Headrest car DVD player, Sun visor car DVD player, Overhead one, Armrest one and some Special ones. Different sizes will be featured with different characters, if you want to get one for your car, you should make clear about your car and find out the suitable one belongs to you. Welcome!

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