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Brings Funs Everywhere with the Multimedia Glasses


Stop boring time right now; from these multimedia glasses you can see a wonderful time from this complex world, welcome to the electronics world www.chinazrh.com , top rank product is waiting for you here.
Each one likes the habit to decorate your life with something new or something interesting for a more happy time during daily routines. Sometimes you buy a piece of fashion picture on the street for creating a different feeling in your warm house, or full of cute elements for refreshing your old heart or for still remembering the past time you ever love someone, something or some corners, while if you have the wish to add more colors for your heart, full spiritual life will be the first element you think about, why not consider about getting these multimedia glasses to have a change, don’t think about the idiot reason any more, as you step into the world of www.chinazrh.com, you will know all about this device.
Furniture as the important decorations for your house life will bring more pleasures during your daily life, just like the furniture, these multimedia glasses will be the necessary element to bring more lights for your spiritual world. We can see from the development of furniture history, you will see more about the details of multimedia glasses. After falling during the financial crisis, furniture sales are starting to recover. In 2010 to 2011, sales of furnishings started to grow an average of almost 5%, says Libby Bierman, an analyst at the private-sector monitoring firm Sageworks. ‘People who put off furniture and decorating purchases are focusing on their homes again,’ she says. As a whole, U.S. retail furniture companies did around $85 billion in sales in 2011, Mr. DeHaan says. Some of the demand for flexible furniture originates with consumers becoming accustomed to phones that also function as televisions, and from music players that double as remote controls, says William Harris, one of four principals at the New York-based AvroKo, an architectural firm that specializes in custom, high-design projects. Mr. Harris says people see a perceived value in objects that have multiple functions: ”It looks great,’ they may say, ‘but show me what else it can do.’ Why not make a bar cart that turns into a DJ table? Why not have postal boxes that double as wine locker?’ You can see the wide brand of furniture market, actually the multimedia glasses also as the family life element develops later than other family electronic products, while with its attractive function for listening to the favorite music, enjoy the fashionable video scenes or watch the latest fashion movies, all you like you can get from this convenient device as you want.
If you are wondering about knowing more about this media equipment, welcome to www.chinazrh.com to come close to its world, its concepts, its price, its shipment or other aspects you can imagine, here you will buy the best multimedia glasses.

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Blue and Red LED Stainless Silvery Band LED Wrist Watch

Amazing one, you will never see this wonderful wrist watch before, the useful function will be out of your expectation, you will surprise about its cheap price from the wholesale store www.chinazrh.com , this Blue and Red LED Stainless Silvery Band LED Wrist Watch

Is yours from now on.
Look at the following, all are the features about this practical Blue and Red LED Stainless Silvery Band LED Wrist Watch, it is a wonderful device which is constructed from stainless steel, besides, its display time in a novel way, well built, and it may be mistaken for a cardio graphic device at first glance. Stop here, I believe that you must fall in love with this little gadget. Different areas of the curve indicate hours and minutes. By pressing the TWO button, the straight LED line in the middle will run from right to left several times. In the process, the individual LED indicating hours; minutes will be highlighted to show you the time. Features super bright LEDS will make your LED life more joyful. Yes, you can get it right now from our site www.chinazrh.com .
Come closer, you will know that you know less about this Blue and Red LED watch, need to know the specifications and become a profession about such kit? Here you go, be patient. Come into the Technical Specifications Screen: show time Watch Face Color: black Watch Face Size: approx 5*3*1(cm) Watch Face Material: glass Bracelet Color: silvery Bracelet Length: 24cm (include the watch) Bracelet Material: stainless steel Function Buttons: 2 Powered by: 2*CR2016 Dimension (cm): 21*3*1. Still want to know more about this kind of devices, and then you have a chance to chant with the experts from www.chinazrh.com to know more, to know better and buy the best.
We take too much for granted, don’t we? We complain too much, do we not? We should be thankful everyday for our wellbeing. We are truly blessed. Just need something to refresh your ordinary life to bring more conveniences to your life, just start with this Blue and Red LED Stainless Silvery Band LED Wrist Watch, you will get more than you can imagine, just come here www.chinazrh.com .

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7 Inch Touch screen Car Media DVD Player with GPS Navigator How to Choose

New edition of our popular Stargate, a 2-DIN 7 Inch Touch Screen Car Media System and GPS Navigator that has all the features you love in our car audio/video multimedia players, but takes out the TV function to give you an even better factory-direct price! Just come here www.chinazrh.com .

Every time we are going on an unforgettable travelling, we always get somewhere from it. Maybe it is not only the beautiful sceneries. Maybe it is the wide knowledge. Maybe we can see different people and meet different things out of our common life. They can enrich our life and improve our vision. In this regard, almost all the people are excited at their travelling. However, the long driving journey also makes them feel uncomfortable at the same time. The boring time during the long journey has bored us a lot. Most of us hate the loneliness and the fatigue. How to get rid of such terrible situation? It is easy; you can get support from www.chinazrh.com to get this dual screen 7 Inch Touch screen Car Media DVD Player with GPS Navigator. Here right now, offer you the best advices to choose the best product from here.
The first point for your choosing: You should know the concrete information about the watchers. Generally speaking, for the screen technology, it is to solve the watching problems for watchers. If you only have little passenger, you only need to have car DVD player with a single screen or dual screen depends on your own needs for your convenient watches. No need to worry, because this 7 Inch Touch screen Car Media DVD Player with GPS Navigator is featured with its touch screen will allow you to operate in any way you want.
The second point for your choosing: this media DVD player you choose should have good earphones. Because the product exists for a lot of people and it comes to meet different needs of different people, it should ensure there is no disturbance between the two screens. But they are playing the different content at the same time, how can they avoid the disturbance? It is to have the earphones for different users. In order to ensure you have good enjoyment, the earphone should be very good. So when you choose the dual screen car DVD player, you should choose the machine with good earphones for use.
The third point for your choosing: Your product should have a purchase warranty. No matter what kind of product you want to buy, the product warranty is very important for your purchase. It can help you cope with the emergency and the accident. It can make your relax about your product and your buying. And any DVD product from our site can be secured with the most guaranty service.
Last but not least, compare with other DVD sites to get the best choice price, you will finally arrive here www.chinazrh.com, because we offer you the high quality products with the lowest price.
7 Inch Touch screen Car Media DVD Player with GPS Navigator comes with different conditions. Most of time the huge ones will make us dizzy. We often do not know which kind to choose and which is the best for us. The website http://www.chinazrh.com is the best buy place. Here you can get the most wonderful dual screen car DVD player in the world to hit your needs.

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1080 Waterproof IR Night Vision Watch Camera

First worldwide Infrared Sensor 1080p watch camera, It support separate voice recording, with memory 8GB.it is also a waterproof watch camera With PC function, With exquisite face, you will like it with its interesting and practical features, here you can find www.chinazrh.com .


Are you a lovely girl who always like dressing up yourself and shopping for beautiful clothes or decorations? If you are, you must be addicted in the mini-skirt which is so popular during recent years. To be honest, the skirt is not only famous for its short, but also the comforts of it. Boys like to see the style and girls like to be paid more attention to show their beauty. However, after the appearance of mini skirt, lots of mini things come out one by one. You know people are adorable with the life full of all kinds of convenient mini and portable gadgets to bring your life more joys. Except for the mini skirts or other mini clothing decorations, in this wholesale electronics world, you are given more choices to know the exact conception of mini and multifunctional life, because this one you will like it, 1080 Waterproof IR Night Vision Watch Camera, right, it is the watch device with camera which will bring more security to your ordinary life. Waterproof will remove your worry in the raining days and do all things about camera do. No matter where you go, you wear it in your wrist to record whatever you want to be recorded, a high mountain, a formal meeting or even some secret activities, if you like; you can remember all happening around you. Just because you stop here www.chinazrh.com and get this high performance 1080 Waterproof IR Night Vision Watch Camera back, besides, except the basic usage for time and camera, it will be a cool decoration for your free time, handsome surface is fit with smart contents, it is the one you need. Following will list the details about it.
Infrared night vision Video and take photo HD PC webcam function Supports separate voice recording Waterproof HD1080P Video form: AVI Video Coding: M-JPEG Video frame rate: 30 fps Resolution: 1920*1080 Picture: 4032*3024 IR Distance: 0.5 meter Player Software: Operating systems or mainstream movie playback software Picture Format: JPG Image Scaling: 4:3 Memory: 8GB Support System: Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista; Mac os 10.4; Linux; windows 7 VOL: DC-5V Interface-type: Mini USB Memory Card Format: Nand flash Battery High-capacity: polymer lithium battery. From above, you must know which your right choice is then, then go and get cheap one with the high quality.
This 1080 Waterproof IR Night Vision Watch Camera is for you.

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Home Theater Portable DVD Player Projector with Joystick

Are you willing to enjoy the happy family time? It’s no doubt, you will. You, your husband (wife) and your kids are sitting on your comfortable sofa and watching your favorite movie, here www.chinazrh.com you can get this Home Theater Portable DVD Player Projector with Joystick to realize your dream.
The vehicles are the best transportation tools in the modern society. In this society, the distance between people becomes closer and closer. The contact between people also becomes more and more. Sometimes we seem to live in a small world. In this regard, the number of the vehicles is increasing greatly. When you open your eyes and look at the street, you can see a variety of vehicles. They are totally useful for us. Then you get the idea, every vehicle should have an entertainment system for use to bring more happiness to your everyday life, so does your present car device, get this Home Theater Portable DVD Player Projector with Joystick, you will find it very easy to live a more relax life just with the minor change, best buy is from www.chinazrh.com .
With this DVD player projector, you can fully enjoy the video in your home. It also has other usage like business or education. You can project the picture and video in the table, ceiling, wall and the image size reaches to 100 inch. Do not worry about the resolution, the 800*600 pixel high resolution makes you watch the video clearly. It must be a good partner of your family. If you want to know more detailed about the projector, you can check more as below. From this short sentence of above, you will know something about Home Theater Portable DVD Player Projector with Joystick, more specifications welcome to the following: With DVD,RMVB(MP5),TV,GAME,USB,SD,MMC,AV IN&OUT Use: Business & Education, Home Projector fixing: Table, ceiling, wall Projection Image Size:20″ ~100″ Focus: Manual focus (Projection distance: 1.5M~5M) Resolution: 800×600 Brightness(peak):above 70 Ansi lumens
Contrast Ratio:100:1 Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9 Technology: LCD 3.2″ Light Source: LED Light source life:20,000Hrs(minimum life) Build-in speaker: Stereo 2W x 2 Power consumption:40W Input: AV in, SD/MMC card, USB Host, Disc, Cable TV Output: Video (DVD Mode Only)/Audio L/R 2CH/Audio (Internet Stereo Speaker)/Earphones Language:English/Spanish/French/German/Russian/Portuguese/Chinese/Italy(According to customer’s requirements) Image format: JPEG, BMP,,JPG, TIF Video format: AVI, ASF, MP4, MPEG2, MPEG3, MPEG4,RM/RMVB, FLV Audio format:Mp3, audio CD, WMA, WAV, ACC/ACC+, MPEG1/2/2.5 Power supply:14.5V DC 5A W/O Battery,  17.5V 5A W/Battery
Color: Black with Red Ornamental Lines, Black with White Ornamental Lines (Optional)
Welcome to the wholesale electronics world www.chinazrh.com , you will find more surprises you need.

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Refresh Your Moment with the Portable Car DVD Player

Sleep sleep, almost sleep down in your driving moment, get in something to refresh your time, look at this portable car DVD player, fashion design of outlook and attractive functions with large enough screen, you can stop here www.chinazrh.com to buy one for your new wonderful time.


It is common that when we get moving on the long journey, often feel tired and bored if there is nothing funny around us. While with the latest portable car DVD player comes, it can give you a cool refreshing time. With this portable kit, you can get some fun and you will be enjoyable at it. Such entertainment tool you have a travelling with your family or with your friends will make you pleasant all the time. In addition, the multiple functions can make you have much easy time with it. You can have the relaxing all the time on the way when you are a passenger.
According to functions, the portable car DVD player can be divided into multifunctional (all in one) DVD and simple DVD. For the multifunctional device, you can have many functions and you can use them freely and easily. For example, the common features are DVB-T, GPS navigation, Bluetooth, FM radio and game. Normally, you can have your functions according to your needs. The difference is that you can have the different prices for it because many functions should be paid with extra money. For the simple device, you can use it to watch the movie of your favorite movie stars and listen to the music of your favorite musician.
Some of the portable car DVD players have been equipped with touch screen, witch allows the users to have a good operation and make the passengers have a good use. The smooth and fast screen performance often gives the drivers a good viewing angle for GPS. Different Car systems will have different screen sizes. In the market the most popular screen size is 7 inches for people. And for the others, they are 8.5 inches, 9 inches, 10.2 inches and 11 inches and so on. You can choose the screen size which is the most suitable one for your vehicle. For the player, its front system can help you control the GPS and the radio. Its back monitor can support you to watch your movies and your TV show. So you can see how this portable kit can bring you a new fresh time through its magical power, if you are moved, welcome to our company to get the model you need, here you go!
Finding a professional company to buy your favorite products is very wonderful for people. Our site as a good company can hit your purchase needs. Its website http://www.chinazrh.com can provide you with quality car DVD and the best service. What is more, you can enjoy both of them at a very cheap price. More high quality electronics are here for you.

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2 Din Car DVD Player with 6.2 Inch Touch Screen

Hurry up to this wonderful electronics world www.chinazrh.com , here the best selling 2 Din Car DVD Player with 6.2 Inch Touch Screen is on hot sheet now, you will not miss the right station for bringing more pleasures for your driving life.

Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay. Change your style of living and change the way to enjoy, most you need to add and install this 2 Din Car DVD Player with 6.2 Inch Touch Screen during your journey. Most hopeful decision you can find and the best quality car DVD player site is www.chinazrh.com .
Music as the beautiful creation in the world often brings us the wonderful enjoyment. But sometimes it is also the noise to those who want a quiet environment. For this reason, the headphones come to hit our needs. Wired headphones often bring us some use limitation and we sometimes are crazy for it. The wireless headphones solved our problems with its usage and they can give us so much convenience. As long as you take a fancy to the audio and video enjoyment, believe that the wireless headphones are common things to you. With the development of the technology and the high demand of people to entertainment, wireless headphones are widely used in the home audio and video industry and in the car audio and video industry. The2 Din Car DVD Player with 6.2 Inch Touch Screen is the best combination in the two fields. One side you can press the button to your favorite music and enjoy the light life, another side you will benefit from the practical touch screen and large enough to do what you like to do.
About its Technical Specifications you should know. 2 Din Car DVD with 6.2″(16:9) touch screen monitor Fixed Panel High Resolution 800*480 digital screen Steering wheel control function Built-in Bluetooth for mobile hands-free. Built in IPOD function are fit with PIP (picture in picture.) Aux In at the front Built in analog TV tuner (DVB-T is optional) 2-Zone function, the 2 program can be setting differently Built in GPS function (optional) Radio receiving: FM/AM can be stored 32 stations. RDS is available. USB/SD card port: support MP4, DIVX, JPEG, MP3 and WMA playback Car backing display: Car reverse camera input (switch automatically) Language of OSD menu with DVD: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. AV output/input: 2 video out, 4 audio outputs, 2video input, 2 audio input Subwoofer output. You will find it amazing once you buy it and try it for your next crazy time.
What exactly is a good place to buy a super 2 Din car DVD player? Getting in dash car DVD player, double-din car DVD player, dual screen car DVD player and other styles, www.chinazrh.com is your best choice.

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GPS/GPRS/GSM Vehicle Tracker Car Tracker

Do you want to know someone’s whereabouts? Or do you want to know the car’s trace? Now the GPS/GPRS/GSM vehicle tracker car tracker from www.chinazrh.com will help you do those things.
OK, firstly, let’s start an interesting guessing game. Here we go; funs are so easy because of you. It is a tracker with GPS satellite positioning, GSM and GPRS network security intelligence data transmission of high-end automotive electronics products. The functions include intelligent tracking, monitoring, first aid, security and remote monitoring capabilities. According to the real-time monitoring, you can view real-time trajectory of the vehicle and monitor the vehicle. It has GSM and GPRS mode; you can send information via mobile phone. Also it has two alarm modes: alarm monitoring center, sending information to the police. It will alarm you when you are over speed or when your car has low battery. With ACC illegal start alarm, it will send information for police, so you needn’t worry about the safety of your car. What’s more, you can set up multiple e-fence, when the left and the tracker will be automatically prompted to enter the platform. Above is the general function, main structures, some modes and other relevant information of the secret device, do you know the name of it? You must be clever enough to know the true name of it is the GPS/GPRS/GSM Vehicle Tracker Car Tracker, find the answer from www.chinazrh.com .
Go on if you still have blurry conception for this new gadget for your new life, then next step you should take of course, read about the detailed definition for this vehicle tracker for more joys. Real-time monitoring: You can view real-time trajectory of the vehicle Track playback makes you play back the track within a month, not more than 24 hours playing time Electronic fence allow you to set up multiple e-fence, when the left and the tracker will be automatically prompted to enter the platform Map marked: Can be arbitrarily marked location on the map Report Center: You can view the vehicle’s mileage reports, speeding report, stop report  Input power:12-24V Back up  battery:500MAH Power consumption:60MAH  Product dimension:73*45*19mm Product weight: 0.53kg  Working temperature:-20—55? Working humidity:5% to 95% non-sodification GSM module:SIMCOM900 GSM network channel:850/900/1800/1900MHZ GSM network start time:6s GPS module:B-3531 SIRF ? GPS module frequence:1575.42MHZ GPS module sensitivity -158DB GPS cold start time:30s GPS hot start time:1s Location accuracy:5-10m Pilot light: GSM Pilot light?GPS Pilot light, after the detailed reference, you have more motions to take such car tracker back home.
Do enough homework if you really need this GPS/GPRS/GSM vehicle tracker car tracker, because you will find that www.chinazrh.com will be the best choice with its high quality products and reasonable price among other wholesale electronics store.

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2 Din Car DVD Player with 6 Inch Touch Screen

2 Din Car DVD Player with 6 Inch Touch Screen is showing its amazing power in this site www.chinazrh.com , would you like to buy a multifunctional car entertainment system with the best discount price? Then you need to go there right now.


In the auto navigation industry, the new design of 2 Din Car DVD Player with 6 Inch Touch Screen, to some extent, reflects the technical improvement of this high profit auto manufacturing industry. There are a large number of auto products in the aftermarket, while various kinds of car DVD players are still the unique pursuit for people. It is accepted by users. What is the reason? Here I will talk something as the examples to open its true face. And you will understand much more from them.
Firstly, let us look at the main features of this 2 Din Car DVD Player with 6 Inch Touch Screen: The smart touch operation, the stylish and beautiful interface, plus the original car style which do not make you feel abrupt and unnatural. For this car DVD player, the most commonly used navigation function, YFGO and CMMB as three big functions are placed on a first priority for your facilitated operation. For the users, it can save a lot of resources. If there is no too much desktop UI, it will result in a slower system operation. Fashion color is fit with fabulous operating menus; you will find more from this simple DVD device.
This car DVD player with touch screen specially uses the brand new stylish appearance design. In the details, it has the continuous improvement. It has its unique style to show its brand. It uses a 7 inch high definition touchable digital screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. You can imagine the convenience brought to you after buying one from the wholesale site www.chinazrh.com . Besides, the screen is visually clear and natural for people. At the same time, it incorporates touch screen with the latest technology. It is smooth and precise. The cool and intuitive 3D UI interface also can bring you different funny operation experience.
Here in our company some car DVD players are specially designed for a certain car. The simple and beautiful interface can match the original car style. 7 inch high definition digital screen, smart touch, built-in GPS navigation, electronic eye, 3D virtual display, Bluetooth, TV, IPOD function… all you can have. They allow you to easily enjoy good entertainment life during the driving. Choose car DVD player, you can reject the boring and the fatigue on the move from now on. You will find the one you need if you have the patience to be here.
When you are driving your car and you want to watch a movie or go to the scenery, you can set the destination with this 2 Din Car DVD Player with 6 Inch Touch Screen. The good navigation will give you the best judgments for the failure. Before your reaching, you will get the useful information such as the parking lot. On the way, you also can enjoy the entertainment happiness, how wonderful it is! For more information about car DVD player, you will be welcomed to visit the relevant website http://www.chinazrh.com. Not only that, you also can get the best car DVD player there for your use.

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This is 3G Remote Alarm Camera

Nowadays it is the time for emphasizing on the security of your personal life or home safety. This is the mission of 3G Remote Alarm Camera to keep you everything in order. www.chinazrh.com here will offer you.
Do you want 1 unit to security your home? Do you want 1 unit can be used as camera, DVR, protect theft? Please choose this item from this authoritative site www.chinazrh.com : This product uses USIM card, and supports WCDMA 3G network Built-in 2.0 Mega pixels CMOS camera and infrared light, and supports punctual wireless video surveillance for all day Built-in Passive Infrared Detection, it automatic detect after setting defense. Built-in MIC and speaker, enables two-way intercom and on-site shouting function Remote control by mobile message, which is confidential and safe Supports SMS alarm, video call alarm, and voice call alarm Alarming process automatic record into T-Flash card You can dial the video phone to see the monitoring areas at any place Support up to 15 wireless alarming sensors Can preset 11 mobile numbers that would receive alarms Have remote controller to control setting defense. Cancel defense or emergency alarming with wireless remote handler, you can dial any phone, to achieve phone call function Built-in Replaceable lithium battery (No-kia BP-6M battery 1000mAh) It also can be used normally after power cut Completely wireless system, easy to install It can be used to nurse the old and the kids, to monitor the house, school, and stores, and can also monitor the mobile car, steamboat, and the train. This is all about the powerful 3G Remote Alarm Camera can do for you.
Next we talk about some Technical Specifications about this 3G Remote Alarm Camera Power adaptor: Input 100V~240V/50Hz; Output DC 5.5V/2A Working temperature: -10?~+45? Storage temperature: -20?~+60? Relative humidity:10-90%, Non-condensing Working band: HSDPA/UMTS 850/1900/2100 MHz EDGE/GPRS/GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Wireless sensor receiving mode: ASK Wireless sensor receiving frequency: 315/433 MHz Wireless sensor Baud rate: 500-2500bps Max wireless sensor: 15 Effective distance of remote control: 50m Video format: MP4 Camera shooting angel: 67degree (the max can make120 degree) Best shooting distance at night: ?6m (right side) Built-in Lithium battery: 1000mAh The standby time of battery: 24 hours when infrared light is off.
If you are still worried about the unstable situation around you, if you are a responsible man for protecting all your family members, installing this 3G Remote Alarm Camera from www.chinazrh.com with the best price. More surprises and information you can have a visit here.

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