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Ultra-thin Quad-Band Mobile Phone with Flashlight Design for Senior Citizen

If you are longing for the device of full top quality standard phone, this ultra-thin quad-band mobile phone with flashlight design for senior citizen will undoubtedly satisfy your demand for enjoying a longer time use and full top high quality as all senior citizen are longing. As we all know, for a group of senior citizen, one of the most priorities they need is full top high quality, they don’t need so many different kinds of high advanced functions.

Want to gain a mobile phone that with small size and that is easy to take out? This ultra-thin quad-band mobile phone with flashlight design that you are viewing here is just such kind of cell phone that has a compact design and for senior citizen this full top high quality standard phone is really a perfect choice for the users who pursue a high standard quality of mobile application with the multiple and powerful function in the Ares of languages, messages, net work supporting, and the audio and video types. It is truth that our sell phone becomes smarter and more automatic than ever before, however for those senior citizens, one of the most priorities is compact design and full top high quality. As you may notice, this ultra-thin quad-band mobile phone with flashlight design possesses a camera of 0.3mega pixels, which will provide really good quality picture effect for you. Whether it is for the personal photo, the photo shooting for the scenery, or other purposes, this will provide the most distinct and vivid visual feast for you. Despite the full high quality and compact design, this ultra-thin quad-band mobile phone with flashlight design also possess high configuration which is perfect choice for senior citizen. With the weight of 106 g with the batter included, this will surely start a refreshed life of taking the cell phone without extra annoyance of overload or occupying too much space. In addition, it includes the alarm, the calendar, the calculator, Email, the flashlight, the schedule, and the memo.

It provides no built-in games but the audio formats of MP3 and video formats including the MP4 and 3GP are all included. It has two optional choices including the silver and the black. And more surprisingly, to purchase this now means to get the gift pack of the 1600mAh battery, the adapter and the user manual without extra charge. If you would like to add it to your cart here, you have a wide selection of the color of this product. And you can come here http://www.chinazrh.com/ and choose one kind you like.

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