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Wireless 7 Inch LCD Baby Monitor with Waterproof Automatic Night Vision Camera

Want you to know about your baby’s daily life when you have to work outside? In such a fast-paced working word, you have to work much more time than staying at home. We don’t have to worry about that in this modern 21st society. Here this wireless 7inch LCD baby monitor with waterproof automatic night vision camera can be a good choice for those parents who are longing for knowing about their kid everyday life. For not missing your child’s daily life, you can have a click baby monitor and chose one kind suitable for you.

All parents are not willing to miss their kid’s everyday life, but they have to work for better life of their family. So for keeping a balance between family life and working, most expects convent such kind of digital device to help all parents with sharing their kids’ daily life. And here wireless 7inch LCD baby monitor with waterproof automatic night vision camera is just such kind of device which can meet your requirements. This baby monitor is delicately designed with automatic night vision which has infra-red LEDs for night time vision and effective vision range, you can see your children at all times with automatic night vision. And with the color TFT LCD screen with the high resolution of 480h 234v, you can enjoy a high definition vision experience for your baby, and you can see more definite daily life of your baby. Despite the high definition vision, this device is designed with a big compact screen size of 7 inch, you can see the screen without any difficulty. 380 TV lines clear picture display will bring you a good vision enjoyment. What’s more, this device has function of compact camera which is built in microphone and with a good volume range on the monitor with AV in/out, you can have a joy in listening to your baby’s voice with a full top good voice quality. And this device has also high configuration. Use any of 4 channels to avoid possible interference or install four cameras. Screw mount can versatile mounting solution so you can fix your camera anywhere. And four channels are available to channel scan and channel skip for multi-camera usage. And also, designing with remote control with full functions, on screen display menu, you can operate it more convenient.

In addition, his wireless baby monitor is feature with waterproof night camera for outdoor usage, so you can use it anywhere and anytime. This wireless baby monitor is featured with high configuration, compact delicate design and full top grade quality, faced with such kind of suitable and convenient good products, what are you thinking about? If you are longing for know about your baby’s everyday life and if you are still looking for such kind of device can meet your requirements, just come here http://www.chinazrh.com/ and choose one suitable for you.

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