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The world’s ninth treasure – Huoke Sen Treasures found by underground search metal detector

An underground search metal detector can be used in many industries. Many people need such device such as archaeologist, hunter and so on. Any treasure hunter or people who see for treasures? It is mysterious and people doubt whether it is really like what watched from the documentary. Some treasures information is debatable, does it really existed or not? Even though the history, many things still unknown by people. In this article you can see a really example about precious treasures.

Underground Search Metal Detector

In British, there is a small village called Huoke Sen. People rely on farming for a living in this village, their lives peace and quiet. But in Nov. 16th, 1992 this quiet life was to be broken. This day is the most important day of a Huo Eriksson farmer who was discovered the amazing treasures of the world by accidently chance.

Eric Klaus is an ordinary peasant of Huoke Sen. In Nov. 1992, he plans to modify his home with the help of his friends and neighbors. When the finish of decoration works, one of friend tells him that he lost his hammer. The kind peasant does not profit at expense of his friend. He seeks it to everywhere but draw a blank. He guesses that it might be buried underground. Then he buys a metal detector and looks for in his yard.

In the noon, the metal detector rings suddenly. It must be the hammer, he thought and the peasant digs a hole. When he digs into 50cm, he has not found anything and he does not intend to give up. With the hole deeper and deeper, about 1.5m he finds a coin. Look it clearly, it’s a silver Roman times coin that the metal has been discolored. He continues to dig, the next scene he will never forget in his whole life. In his eyes, there is a pile of Roman coins which mixed with less glittering gold, silver spoon and small works of art. Obviously, he digs an underground treasure.

Then he stops digging and reports on the findings to The County Cultural Relics Administration Committee. And they arrived Huoke Sen with fastest speed. Finally, they found it is really a biggest treasure. And the treasure is shipped to the UK National Museum. Due to this finding, the museum pays 1.25 million pound for the Klaus. He is very satisfying with his payment, even no any payment; he will hand out the treasure to the country.

The discovery of treasure brings unexpected windfall to this small village; many people pour into the village and hunt treasure. The underground search metal detector becomes best seller product. In many industries, the device has many usages. More details you can refer to the website of www.chinazrh.com.

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