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Take me home, I am a pair of cool multimedia glasses

A pair of cool glasses with multimedia playing function enables you to take delight in movies, music, games, photos and favorite books everywhere you go. Life could not be much cooler. Functional and elegant eyewear theater must add color and joy to your life. In this article you can see these functions.

80 Inch Big Screen Video Glasses with 2GB Multimedia Player + Camera + Play Game + AV-IN / AV-OUT

Hello! Everyone, my name is multimedia glasses. Today I will introduce a strong device to all of you. Have you ever seen a pair of cool glasses with functional multimedia playing? Not only the movies, music and photos playback, but also you can read books on this device. Furthermore, you can take it to everywhere you want to go. You must know what is it? You are right, that is me.

At first, let me introduce the first important function of me. I am a compact movies and music player. I am a pair of glasses, I can carry to everywhere at ease. And all of my weight is not more than 500g. Carry with me, your spare time will never feel boring. Do you know how to use me? There are several buttons attaches on my body and two microphones on two sides of the glasses. And the microphones can be hidden in the bands of glasses. I support many video formats such as RM/RMVB/MPEG/AVI/FLV formats. And also I support music formats such as MP3, WMA, Flac and APE; music feature includes diversified folders, playlists, edit. So you can fully enjoy your videos and music by using me.

The second function is that you can see the pictures and books in my display screen. With a pair of glasses, you can appreciate your beautiful pictures. Also you can read your favorite books. With the picture formats, I support Jpeg, BMP, GIF formats. With book function, I support bookmark, page jump, txt color, txt size, browse mode, auto-paging, reading style functions.

Thirdly, anyone who loves to play games? Choosing me is your perfect choice. I have games function. I have 4GB built-in flash memory for mega storage and play of media files. USB 2.0 ensures the fast speed of file uploading and downloading. Video input is there waiting for being connected with other media devices for more image appreciation.

At last, I have to say I am a pair of glasses. Except above functions, I have an extra function of glasses. I can be used as an eyeshade. How interesting function! In the air, train or car, you can use me to shielding the sunshine. And you will have a good sleep in your journey.

Really cool multimedia glasses! A new one for you, do you love the new one? Take me home and enjoy your life right now, my dear host. If you want to know more information about me, you can browse the website www.chinazrh.com.

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