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Record your real and wonderful life with a video car recorder

Are you feeling lonely in your car, when you are alone? You watch the all videos, listen to all songs in your car; do you want to record your feelings? Or do you want to have some records of your life? For any purpose, a video car recorder is a good partner in your car.

Mini DVR with LCD+Night Vision+Motion Detection

If you drive your car to having a trip or work, have you ever been lonely? When you watch all movies and listen to all CDs in your car, do you want to record your feeling at that moment? If you want to record yourself in your car, I know there is a video car recorder which must be your good partner in your car.

A car recorder has many usages. It can take videos; take pictures, store voices and so on. For different car owner, it plays different usages. As for me, I like the video record. When I am driving, I can take a video for myself. And turn around the record; I can take video of beautiful scenery out windows. I think it is a fun lifestyle. And the record takes a video of fighting, finally solve a dispute.

That day, I drove my car on business. I have never been to this town, and I know it is a beautiful seaside town. All the way, I had a good mood. And I bring out my record and turn on. So I said the feeling of my business trip. And in a cross road, two car crashed in my eyes, then the several man came out and quarreled with something, they looked very fierce. And I called to the traffic police and took the video of them. With more and more fierce quarrel, they were fighting into a group. At that time, the police came here. They were brought to the police office. I was included with my recorder. Finally my recorder became evidence of this fighting.

I buy one for my best friends on website www.chianzrh.com. She likes it very much. She loves to take videos, pictures. She says that the high resolution takes clear picture. It is easy to operate and control. Every time, she goes out for a travel or a short trip, she brings it in her car. Sometimes, many friends go out together we share the video that we take. It is very an effective way to relaxing our nervous nerves in the car.

Nobody pursues very nervous life; most of normal people want to live relaxed. It is important that we can fully enjoy our life, enjoy every trip. We drive; we watch the movies, listen to the songs in our cars. Sometimes we want to record our feelings for life. Hope you can fully enjoy your life and record your real and wonderful life with a video car recorder.

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