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Amazing price of An Android 2.1 Tablet with 7 Inch HD Touch Screen

I am a white beauty with amazing price and useful values waiting for you to bring me home.

Do you hate to bring a big computer? Do you like to use a much smaller and more beautiful one? Please come to take me home. I am the new comer: a white Tab with Android operating system.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Android 2.1 Tablet. My face is just 7 inch and I am a white beauty. If you want to watch a movie or surf on line, please just touch my face, I will show you a much clearer and more wondering new world. Through my face, you can know everything happened at past or present in the world just like watching a play in the theater. But please touch my face carefully to protect my soft skin. Please be gentle and soft, I am a closer friend of yours.

Second, I have other specific features: a built-in camera, Wi-Fi, e-mail, e-books. Although I am not as big as other computers, I still have their functions. Just like a Chinese saying: Small as it is, the sparrow has all the vital organs. And if you like to play games, please do not hesitate to download as many as you can. All my memory can make it possible. If you want to store more pictures, videos and other useful things, you can add a 16 GB TF card. I will be happier if you introduce my sisters to your friends. You can imagine: one day, you and your friends sit together, after talking, you take us out, do what you want to, then I can see my sisters after days’ missing. What a beautiful scene in the world!

Third, you can find I am so convenient that the video, audio and graphical functions can support many types. No matter what kind of types you have, I can play and show. As a result, I am not just a beautiful vase which is used to compare to a beauty without practical value. I am a beauty with values. Please trust me; I can bring you into a fantastic world which you never have been.

At last, I want to show my price—a much lower, you cannot imagine. In ChinaZrh company, I just need 129.99$. There are more discounts if you buy more. Maybe you are a student without much money, you can buy me; maybe you are a white-collar, you can buy me to be cool and save much money to buy other useful things. I am just a little beauty; I need a home and a master. If you need a beautiful and useful pet, just come and bring me home. We can play together, have fun together and enjoy life together. Please come and bring me home, I am your honest friend waiting for you. Before you come, please remember my features: Android 2.1 tablet with 7 inch HD touch screen (white); a built-in camera, Wi-Fi, e-books and e-mail.

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